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Educational material for the general public

Parents and teachers should educate children about the importance of good oral hygiene habits from an early age. Pierre Fabre Oral Care provide parents and teachers with the necessary educational kits to teach children the basic principals of good oral hygiene, in a fun and interactive way.

Educating and raising awareness to encourage good oral hygiene

Pierre Fabre Oral Care specifically focuses on educating and raising public awareness on the benefits of good oral hygiene and the importance of regular visits to the dentist. We provide fun and interactive tools and kits for teachers on the subject that help children learn the basic rules of good oral hygiene. Our awareness-raising and training tools are developed in partnership with healthcare professionals and researchers in oral medicine that share the same goal – promoting good oral hygiene habits from an early age.

In Bulgaria, Pierre Fabre Oral Care has helped to educate more than 40 000 children about the importance of oral health and hygiene. Similar initiatives have been completed in nursery schools in Singapore and Greece with the educational event, Elgydium Playland.
In France, the mobile app ‘Mon Raccoon’, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store, is an educational tool aimed at preventing tooth decay in children. The app was developed by dental surgeons who specialize in treating children and is used to teach children healthy oral and food hygiene habits. We also provide tools that can be used at home, such as a brushing tracker and advice sheets, by parents from ELGYDIUM Laboratories’ French website.

Partnerships that promote good oral hygiene skills

Pierre Fabre Oral Care has established partnerships with local associations that offer oral hygiene training alongside free consultations with volunteer dental surgeons for the needy.

In Portugal, Pierre Fabre Oral Care has decided to support the association ‘Mundo a sorrir’ which is dedicated to promoting equality through access to health care, promotion of well-being and individual development and integration into society.
In Poland, the Group is involved with the association ‘Usmiech bez barier’ that aims to promote access to dental care for disabled children with special needs.
In France, Pierre Fabre Oral Care has joined forces with the ‘Bus Social Dentaire’, a mobile organisation that provides emergency dental solutions for the disadvantaged. This social dental bus is the setting for more than 2 000 dental consultations a year. Between 2 100 and 2 600 patients are treated every year through Social Dental Bus and more than 3 000 Pierre Fabre Oral Care products have been distributed through this initiative.

The Max CADET Foundation, for oral health in Haiti

The Max CADET Foundation is a non-profit association that provides dental treatment to children and residents of disadvantaged areas in Haiti. With support from Pierre Fabre Oral Care, it has implemented a programme that has been rolled out in 2 500 schools in the region of Port-au-Prince. The programme promotes measures for preventing oral diseases and provides additional dental care to treat them.

“Oral health is a key public health issue. It contributes directly to healthy ageing, is a social determinant of health and can influence the development of chronic diseases.”

Emmanuel Savi, Pierre Fabre Oral Care Brand CEO.