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Mon Raccoon, an app to fight tooth decay in children

Published 03/07/2018

Mon Raccoon is an educational mobile app designed for children and developed by dental surgeons who specialise in treating very young patients.

Mon Raccoon, an app that teaches children how to brush their teeth correctly

Mon Raccoon is a mobile app designed for children and was developed by Pierre Fabre Oral Care laboratories, in partnership with dental surgeons who specialise in treating very young patients.

With the Mon Raccoon app, children look after their Raccoon throughout the day. The app includes playtime, feeding time, bedtime and how to brush teeth correctly. As the children gradually identify with their Raccoon, they will start to adopt the correct brushing method for their age.Green or red ‘activity icons’ tell the children whether their Raccoon needs to eat, sleep or brush its teeth.

The app is structured into the rooms of the house. In the bathroom, the child chooses the appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste for their Raccoon’s age and brushes its teeth correctly. In the TV lounge, they watch how to brush their teeth properly according to their age.

In the kitchen, they learn to feed their Raccoon with a balanced diet. In the bedroom, they put their Raccoon to bed and read to it.

A mystery room contains other surprises (colouring, a memory game, etc.).Lastly, a notebook enables the children to check their latest scores and learn the golden rules of oral hygiene for taking care of their teeth.


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