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Partnerships with health care professionals

Pierre Fabre Oral Care aims to stay true to its roots as a pharmaceutical laboratory that provides a medical solution for every problem affecting oral health. In this respect, Pierre Fabre Oral Care is committed to supporting dentists, dental surgeons and pharmacists in their work.

Working closely with dental surgeons

In order to continuously improve our consumers' experience and requirements, Pierre Fabre Oral Care draws on the expertise of oral healthcare professionals to develop products that are reliable, safe and meet their expectations. This is achieved by remaining highly attentive to healthcare professionals and through the working group of dental surgeons and pharmacists set up within Pierre Fabre Oral Care.
Pierre Fabre Oral Care also supports dental surgeons in providing treatment, and in their educational role with their patients, by providing them with tailored educational tools for example.

Support for dental surgeons on dental anxiety issues

Managing anxiety related to dental care is one of the biggest difficulties dental surgeons face on a daily basis.
The Pierre Fabre Oral Care laboratory provides anxiety support through the development of a training and information programme on the subject. The programme is aimed at helping dental surgeons recognize anxious patients more easily, assess their level of anxiety and take care of them in the most appropriate way.

Strong commitment to the science of oral health

Because of our close relationship with healthcare professionals, Pierre Fabre Oral Care works in collaboration with researchers and specialists in the field to facilitate access to scientific news and data.
Our commitment to do so has forged close ties with numerous expert societies in order to promote research in oral health:

  • SFPIO (French Society of Periodontology and Oral Implantology),
  • IFRO (French Institute for Dental Research),
  • CNEP (French National College of Periodontology Teachers),
  • SFOP (French Society of Paediatric Dentistry),
  • FDI (World Dental Federation),
  • IFDH (International Federation of Dental Hygienists).

Pierre Fabre Oral Care’s scientific investment also takes the form of significant collaboration with colleges and associations of dental surgeons in France and abroad.

Involvement in scientific dialogue

As an active player in the science of oral health, the Pierre Fabre Oral Care laboratory regularly participates in seminars and scientific conferences in the field of dental care in France and abroad, such as:

  • the ADF (French Dental Association) Annual Conference,
  • the EFP (European Federation of Periodontology) Conference: EURO PERIO
  • the FDI (World Dental Federation) Conference
  • the IFDH (International Federation of Dental Hygienists) Conference: ISDH

Daily support for pharmacists

Pierre Fabre Oral Care relies exclusively on prescriptions and the recommendation of healthcare professionals for selling its products to consumers. The laboratory has therefore decided to sell all Pierre Fabre Oral Care products exclusively through pharmacies or health and beauty stores. Through healthcare professionals, the laboratory can communicate the finer technical details concerning our products and oral hygiene in general. Pierre Fabre Oral Care helps guide pharmacists in their role of dispensing advice and dental products that fit each individual’s particular needs. We also work alongside pharmacists on promotional and training activities. The laboratory assists pharmacists by developing oral hygiene education programmes, particularly for children and schools.

A closer look at ELUMED

Elumed is a medical journal covering the major scientific highlights published in the field of oral health.
It is a joint project between the Pierre Fabre Oral Care medical department and certain scholarly societies such as SFPIO (French Society of Periodontology and Oral Implantology) and SFCO (French Society of Oral Surgery).

“We provide health care professionals with awareness-raising tools and training material that are developed in partnership with learned societies in oral medicine. We share the same aim of promoting good oral hygiene habits from the earliest age.”

Sylvain Levet, Pierre Fabre Oral Care Medical Manager.